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MARCH 2019 and we’re on course for Spring!

Plans have been made for new planting in the Conservatory Border, - dahlias and cosmos should brighten things up and fill the gaps left by the demise of old favourites like thalictrum aquilegifolium (meadow rue) and verbena bonariensis.

Edging shears and lawnmower are due for sharpening, and benches due to be repaired. Over the winter, any weeds have been nicely smothered by the thick carpet of mulch.

Look out for the newly replenished stock of notelets on sale in Hudson House.

Now appearing, - hellebores in the Woodland Border, bergenia (Elephants’ Ears) in the shade border, pulmonaria by the gate, and a welcoming  pot of primula Gold Lace by Ben’s Seat.